I am a PhD student, photographer and higher education specialist researching uncertainty. 
I spend a lot of time thinking about our relation to wilderness and our conception of nature. In the past years, hiking solo in Iceland, the Swiss Alps and the US has been a source of unending inspiration and joy for life.
In addition to landscape photography, I have worked commercially doing portraits for the University of Zurich and various private clients.
Exhibitions: "Greina, ewig" at Photobastei Zurich, February 2-12 2017.
Landscape photography has a complicated relationship with nature conservation. By sharing my work, I acknowledge that I am part of the problem, contributing to a growing mass of people who wish to experience and/or photograph the sublime themselves.
While I hope everyone who longs for this will be able to do so and grow from it like I have been fortunate to, the only way in which this will be possible in the future is through education and continuing self-reflection. I believe we need to leave heedless and anthropocentric outdoor endeavors behind, adhere to the Leave no Trace principles and continuously encourage each other to think about our position within nature.
I’m a member of Nature First: The Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography and I’m dedicated to following the Nature First Principles.
Please feel free to contact me for information on prints or upcoming guiding projects through the form or via Instagram.
Thank you!
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